Chomolungma aims to support your Business creating future value
with advanced technologies as XR, IoT, AI and IT.


Chomolungma Co., Ltd. is a professional group that aims to provide valuable services exploiting 3DCG · XR (VR / AR / MR) AI · IoT · IT technologies,necessary for every company nowadays.


Our company is a professional group firstly specialized in 3DCG.
We offer a reliable service, characterized by the combinationofany projects development, usage of advanced technologies and quick response-rate to any request.


Virtual Reality 

VR (Virtual Reality) Business

We provideany VR content from Realistic VR using 3D Technology to 360 VR, using the latest game development environments as UNITY, UnrealEngine 4 and others.
Our contents are compatible with the most spread devices as Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE Pro and any other VR Device.


Augmented Reality 

AR (Augmented Reality) Business

We provide AR Contents, suitable for any business,using latest kits as iOS ARKit and Google ARCore.
Our contents are compatible with the most spread devices as Apple and Android.


Mixed Reality 

MR (Mixed Reality) Business

From now on, we will developApplications for MR Headsets, as Microsoft HoloLens and future mainstream devices. MR System Development will be applied also to IoT Sensors, combining the two technologies reaching astonishing benefits.



Artificial intelligence 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) System Development

We are developing an Artificial Intelligence System that can be used for Image Analysis, Information Analysis, IoT, etc.,based onDeep Learning andMachine Learning . We can use GoogleTensorFlow, Chainer of Preferred Networks, Caffe of BVLC, Google AI, IBM Watson, etc.


Internet of Things 

IoT (Internet of Things) System Development

Data acquired from IoT sensor can be utilized to increase business efficiency.
Devices as Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc. can easily get information, display and storein major server services asWatson, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.


WEB system 

WEB System Application Development

We provide also Websites for Desktop and Smartphone, System Development, Database Building, Application Development, suitable for both companies and consumers. Our services are compatible with: Windows, Linux, php, MySQL, Apache, Visual Studio and others.



Robot System Development

Robots, symbol of the future,will be developed with 3D Technology, XR, AI, IOT technology.Particularly, we aim to develop a new technologybased on 3DVR Managed Robot, which can be utilized in various environments as: office, commercial and public facilities, etc.
This project is under development, for completion in 2019.



Wide range of 3DCG Technologies

Our strong point isReal 3DCG Technology,. 3D Data creation is compatible with VR, AR, 3D printers, recently characterized by rapid growing demand.We can produce any 3D data of products, characters, architecture, interior, photos, simple sketches and many others.


Total Design 

DTP · WEB · Interior Design

We develop Design of future-oriented store, taking advantage of recent Business Revolution characterized by IoT Sensors, 3DVR Virtual Store realization through WEB3D, and any otherpromotion,advertisement and brochures, fully exploiting our know-how.



  • Sherpa CTI
    The next generation CTI service that enhances telephony and information sharing in all workplace.Function: Displaying customer information, Searching call history, Sending SMS, Searching unregistered phone numbers, Integrated chat, Call recording, Quick inputs etc. 

    The next-generation hospitality reception system that widely supports the reception of every scene, the efficiency of guidance operations and customer service.Function: Multilinguality, Chat,Inhouse bulletin, Auto presentation, Voice reminder, Pop-up function,Schedule interlocking,Ordering drinks and etc.

  • Filetalk
    Communication tool "Filetalk" supports your business efficiency.Filetalk is a cloud chat service that offers you up to 5GB free upload space.

  • Coming soon
    Chomolungma is currently developing multi-platform services and applications for XR(VR,AR,AR), ICT, and IoT.Please feel free to contact us for more info.



We are looking for people who still attend or graduated in Universities (or working holiday)dedicated tosoftware as UNITY or UnrealEngine4, XR (VR / AR / MR), AI, IoT,Coding, Robot, 3DCG, Design. Self-taught people in any of these fields are welcome as well.
Would you like to work with the latest technology and be part of the creation of a service that will change the future?



  • June 09 2018  Exhibit in 3D&Virtual Reality Expo held at Tokyo Big Sight. We are going to announce a new service 「mieru5D」system collaborating AI, XR(VR,AR,MR) and web.

  • June 10 2018  Chomolungma Incorporated! Expanded its office inTokyo providing the services like XR (VR • AR • MR) Content Development, AI System development, IoT system development, Web system development, Robot development and so on.

  • June 10 2018

    Launched chomolungma webpage

  • March 01 2018  As a subsidiary of Sherpa Co., Ltd., we established Chomoranma as a company with advanced technology division.



Chomolungma Co., Ltd.

[Fukuoka Head Office]
Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, Akasaka 1-13-10 7F
Tel : 092 - 717 - 6800 / Fax 092 - 717 - 6801
Coming by train or subway, 3 minutes on foot from Akasaka Station
[Tokyo Branch] Established in October 2018
Tokyo Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda 2-1 13-1 YKS Kuroda Building 5F
Coming by train or subway, 4 minutes on foot from JR Akihabara Station